5 Popular Cryptocurrencies That Might Attract Your Attention

Interested in Cryptocurrency trading, but still don’t know which Coin or Token you should choose? That’s understandable, as there are many of those.

Anyway, don’t worry. Here we have 5 popular Cryptocurrencies. Let’s see how interesting they are and which one is the one you want.


This is the most well-known one, as it’s the very first digital currency of the world and contains the highest price. The technology of Blockchain was even inspired by Bitcoin. To gain benefit, you can trade it or dig it with Bitcoin digging machine, which is quite expensive.

2. Ripple

This popular Cryptocurrency was created for transactions between banks and financial organizations. The system is ‘Private Blockchian’, which works fast, saves time and decreases all fees.

3. Ethereum

The system is an open one, allowing traders to have parts in developing it under terms and conditions. The best thing of Ethereum is that it can be applied to various types of transactions in real life. 

4. Dogecoin

This one show a symbol of a cute Shiba Inu dog. Originally, Dogecoin was created just for fun. However, it has gain more attention and also got million dollar donations. Nowadays, many traders are interested in it.

5. Bitcoin Cash

This one was inspired by the original Bitcoin, of course, in order to make transactions more convenient and decrease all fees.

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