Champion Sportswear Gets Requests to Launch Shiba Inu Line of T-shirts

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Champion, the US sportswear brand is receiving requests to launch a Shiba Inu-themed collection of T-shirts.

Shiba Inu investors are on a mission to tap every large company and get them to collaborate with the meme-token. From Robinhood to Amazon and Netflix, not a day passes where SHIB enthusiasts are knocking on their doors on social media.

Robinhood listing SHIB reached a feverous pitch that the top trading platform found hard to ignore. Similarly, its top executives are unable to escape any given interview now without talking about a SHIB listing.

A Twitter user named SHIB_HEAD was the first to come up with the Champion t-shirts and Shiba Inu collaboration. His tweets went viral in the SHIB-sphere and several other enthusiasts joined the bandwagon. Above all, the campaign has not gone full-fledged yet, but it could only be a matter of time before Champion notices the noise.

Moreover, the cryptocurrency market saw itself get divided into the lines of its ‘own communities’ after Tesla CEO Elon Musk invested in Dogecoin. Doge investors form a separate fanbase and the meme-coin has a sea of following that’s hard to ignore. Similarly, the same goes for Shiba Inu, BabyDoge Coin, Dogelon Mars, Safemoon among others.

Nonetheless, each community is trying its best to stand apart from the rest and showcase dominance over the other. The crypto market now resembles similar human traits of forming ‘communities’, ‘fandoms’, ‘loyalty’ among others.

Champion’s Shiba Inu T-shirts Will be Sold Out, Says Creator

The creator of the campaign is confident that if the clothing line decides to release SHIB-themed t-shirts, they’ll be sold out. “I can almost guarantee if they did [create SHIB clothing], it would sell out on the first run. Just look at how fast the Shiboshis sold out,” he said to Gfinityesports.

For the uninitiated, Shiboshi NFTs was all sold out in just 35 minutes after its launch in October 2021. Surprisingly, all the 10,000 NFTs were sold out and flew off the shelves in less than an hour. SHIB_HEAD is confident that Champion t-shirts will face similar popularity and will be out of stock within minutes.

However, Champion clothing has not given any statement regarding the request.

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