Fox Entertainment Group Announced Their $100M Fund For NFT Market

If you’re brand new among Cryptocurrency traders, you might only know Coin and Token, but probably haven’t heard of NFT(Non-Fungible Token) before.

NFT is a unique type of Cryptocurrency. That means, each one has its own price and identities. Replacement is impossible and that makes NFT different from all Cryptocurrencies. If you still don’t understand what this means, NFT is like yourself. You are unique with your own DNA and there isn’t a copy of yourself. No one can replace you.

Now, some businesses start to create their NFT market, making unique digital contents, including the famous movie making company like “Fox Entertainment Group”. Recently, the company announced that they’re gonna use $100M fund to make NFT contents with some characters and artwork from their popular animated series. However, the names of series isn’t revealed yet.

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