Over 70% of Shiba Inu Coin Holders Profit

Shiba Inu

After Shiba Inu hit a new-high in the past month, it has caught the eye of many investors despite the volatility in the past week. However, more than 70% of investors who invested in Shiba Inu made a profit, according to Intotheblock.

The Intotheblock data also shows that 17% of the holders are in loss. This is probably due to their late investment as they could be among investors who bought the dip following its crash from the all-time high. However, their investments have the potentials for higher gains when the token begins to rise again.

The growing popularity of SHIB has led to a significant increase in the number of holders within a month. Going by the data provided by ITB, SHIBA holder’s wallet addresses rose from 706,808 on October 10 to 926,684 on November 8, 2021.



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