Shiba Inu Has Increased Global Demand Since New Year

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Almost every top trading platform has listed Shiba Inu and the number of exchanges adding SHIB has also increased lately. Exchanges around the world are catering to the demand of their users and getting SHIB on board.

In January 2022 alone, five different exchanges have listed Shiba Inu on their platform including its supportive ecosystem BONE. All this, in just 2-weeks since January and the month is still a long yet halfway to go.

On January 11, ‘KoinBazar: Global Cryptocurrency Exchange’ hailing from India listed SHIB with a Tether (USDT) pair. The app allows users to buy, sell and trade Shiba Inu with USDT and investors have jumped on the bandwagon.

Shiba Inu’s ecosystem BONE got listed on MEXC Global on January 11. The platform allows users to deposit and withdraw BONE with a USDT pairing.

The following day, on January 12, India’s exchange platform Giottus listed Shiba Inu. Giottus planned to list SHIB as a spot exchange but were forced to operate as a peer-to-peer exchange. The reason is that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ordered banks and financial institutions to cut ties with exchanges and individuals dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Also, on the same day Mexico’s leading exchange Bitso got Shiba Inu on board and saw its trading volume increase drastically.

Even the non-custodial wallet ZenGo, which is backed by Samsung announced a SHIB listing.

In conclusion, five different exchange platforms around the world listed Shiba Inu and were catering to its high demand among crypto users. In addition, exchanges are benefitting tremendously from SHIB as users, no matter which country they’re from, want to invest in the meme-token. Above all, investors believe that SHIB will someday breach the 1 Cent mark and in return satisfy their financial aspirations.

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