Shiba Inu’s NFT Game Gets Former Vice President of Activision Games

Shiba Inu

After Shytoshi Kusama tweeted via Twitter on November 25th celebrating the 1,000,000 holders and also hinted at Shiba Inu’s game. On November 26, Shytoshi Kusama revealed in Article “The Future of Gaming is Shib” on Medium

The article tells the story of Shiba Inu Games. The game, formerly known as Oshiverse, will be the newest expansion to the SHIB ecosystem, most notably William David Volk, who previously served as vice president of technology at Activision.

Saying about Volk, Shytoshi said, “He is truly visionary with decades of high-quality corporate experience. and on the independent side He has his own game studio as well.”

Shytoshi also gave more details about the scope of the Shiba Inu game decentralized Interestingly. bringing the game to the App Store and Play Store will make the game on centralized, Shytoshi said, “but this is a good thing because it allows us to make their valuable assets a better game. we property and can be protected.”

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