Shiba Token Traders Are Getting Ready For A Special Financial Campaign on 19th June


Shiba Token is considered to be a popular Cryptocurrency. This thing is well-known for having a drawing of a cute Shiba Inu dog as its symbol.

Regularly, the price of Shiba Token is less than 1USD and it keeps changing all the time, which is normal for all currencies in the world. Anyway, this caused many traders, who always have faith for Shiba Token trading, to think about doing something to push the price to, at least, 1USD and keep it stable as much as possible.

Now, in the online world, a post declaring a special campaign is being shared widely among Shiba Token traders. Here’s what the text says.

“Shiba Army Pledge
Financial Freedom
We, The Army Of Shiba, having solemnly resolved to constitute
the world into a decentralized community and to
promise financial freedom to each Shiva Army.
Therefore we pledge that
1)Each will HOLD the Shiva Ini until it reachers
$1 and beyond.
2)Each of us will buy $50 and more Shiva Ini at exactly
same time and same date which is fixed
on 19th of June 2021, GMT 1 PM.
3)Keep sharing this until it reaches to the
last member of Shiva Army before 19th of June
Make this happens and there will be no looking back.
The Shiva Army of most of the country started sharing
this already on each and every social network platform.
This is the way we the Shiva Army will achieve Financial Freedom.”



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