Shocking that Robinhood Has Not Listed Shiba Inu yet

Shocking that Robinhood Has Not Listed Shiba Inu yet

Shiba Inu has been listed by 99 different trading platforms around the world. Last year alone, exchanges were on a listing spree and top platforms got SHIB onboard almost every month. The development opened the floodgates to new users to invest in the token.

Also, all the exchanges are enjoying the larger share of the revenue pie that SHIB brings on the table. However, investors are keen to see Shiba Inu get listed on Robinhood. The top exchange has not got it onboard yet, despite multiple requests.

Steven Cooper, the CEO of Bigger Entertainment, which is a music streaming website dedicated to ‘burn’ SHIB, revealed that he finds it amusing to see Robinhood not listing Shiba Inu. He stated that Robinhood has the opportunity to be remembered as the 100th exchange to list SHIB. Sadly, they are missing out on the great moment.

He also revealed that he finds it shocking that Robinhood has not got SHIB onboard yet. “Knowing the general user base of Robinhood, I think it’s shocking they haven’t already listed it,” said Steven Cooper exclusively to Watcher Guru.

Hey Robinhood, When Shiba Inu?

The calls for Robinhood to list Shiba Inu started during the second half of last year. The voices are only growing louder as the month’s pass and top Robinhood executives are unable to escape interviews without answering about a SHIB listing.

Also, rumors about Robinhood listing Shiba Inu are aplenty and the goalpost changes every month. Despite all this, the community’s fervor towards this has not dipped, and are collectively eager to see it get listed.

Even David Gokhshtein, the founder of Gokhshtein Media recently tweeted that Robinhood listing SHIB is “inevitable”. “He tweeted, It’s inevitable that Robinhood adds $SHIB to its list of #cryptocurrencies.”

Nonetheless, we’ll have to wait and watch if Robinhood decides to get Shiba Inu onboard this year.

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