Tiger King Crypto Inspired by Documentary on Netflix

Tiger King, a crime documentary about Joe Exotic, a zookeeper and tiger conservationist accused of causing a crime. The series was released on March 20, 2020, receiving positive reviews from critics and according to Nielsen ratings, 34.3 million people viewed it in the first ten days of its launch. It ranks as one of the most successful Netflix titles ever.

So how did a famous series become a coin?
Tiger King or $TKING was born to help Joe Exotic as his colorful career cost him a lot of legal bills to fight the corrupt legal system. Now he also faces the cost of cancer treatment, which Joe will receive a fair share. In addition, the developer also encouraged that “We won’t let Carloe win and find your inner tiger as Joe. $TKING and his legal team prepare for the turn of the century. We’re going to land the first tiger on the moon to free Joe,” and end firmly, “Team Joe will win.”

$TKING coin launch $TCUB, which serves as a coin to donate to children’s hospitals, charity, and Joe Exotic’s project bringing children and animals together.


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