Whale “Gimli” Ethereum Investor Buys $153 Billion SHIB


If you trade in the crypto world, it’s impossible not to know the term “whale,” which refers to a large trader or investor. And as an investor with a lot of money, therefore, when you buy or sell coins on the market, the price of coins is significantly affected.

On November 2 It was tweeted through Shiba Inu News account, “Breaking News, Whale “Gimli” has bought 153,048,520,476 $SHIB ($10,982,761 USD). Massive trade! Does he know something? ”

And today, November 3, there are over 900,000 holders of SHIB tokens. This may make SHIB more attractive to investors. and recently raised its market capitalization above DOGE by $33.43 billion. DOGE is now out of the top 10 with a market cap of $31.9 billion. From the list of the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Market Values



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