What is Staking?

Staking is a form of verification and confirmation of transactions in the cryptocurrency world. Or simply referred to as “it is a verification method where we place a guarantee and come in as a network inspector.” The method is that first you need to have a coin to stake by using your own coins for PoS. You can choose to do this in several ways, for example, choosing to deposit coins in the wallet. Or a platform that supports Stake such as ShibaSwap, join a pool that supports node making, creating a node with your own coins, etc.

Definition of staking, it would be similar to bank recurring deposits or to keep coins on different platforms according to their conditions, whether exchange board or digital wallet. Each platform creates conditions to attract attention by providing a rate of return or prizes with different characteristics.

Staking may not make investors rich overnight but it is a great way to generate passive income for investors. Staking allows you to make money by holding cryptocurrencies while you sleep.

Advantages of Staking

• Suitable for those who are just starting to learn into the world of crypto as mentioned above. You hardly have to do anything but study the conditions. And details of staking because if you want to profit from trading. You must have a fair amount of experience. and have a higher risk

• Receive a return or interest at a relatively good and constant rate.

Disadvantages of Staking

• With the volatility of prices and staking conditions on various platforms. That usually allows a coin deposit for a certain period of time. But if during that time the price of the coin may increase. or greatly reduced You may lose selling opportunities to prevent losses. Or sell during the rising price to make a profit.

• Various platforms where investors deposit their coins. There is a risk of being attacked by hackers. and steal your coins anytime

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